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China Night WebDVD

This is my attempt at turning the China Night DVD I made into a web site. The videos are hosted on YouTube, so you'll need Macromedia Flash in order to view them. There are some minor issues with Internet Explorer and this "WebDVD" that I haven't been able to work out yet. If anyone knows why, feel free to drop me a line. Otherwise, consider it yet another good reason to switch to Firefox. :)

2002 Performance

2002's show was better coordinated, allowing us more time to perform, and this year, lots of club members wanted a chance to strut their stuff on stage. Once again, I came back to perform - unfortunately, a few months before the show, I moved to Virginia for work, making helping choreograph a lot harder. So I pretty much didn't, and just showed up for the show!

This time around, I opened the performance up with an empty-hand form in our art that's based on the Mustika Kwitang Silat system. Allen and Mike follwed that up with a Tonfa and Stick fight. I then repeated the same broadsword form that I'd done in 1998 (but it was looking much better this much later). Chih-Hao and La'Toya followed that with a fight between a broadsword and a straight sword. Once again, we finished it up with a bit of "Gung Fu Theater". La'Toya did a great job as a mugging "victim," and Allen was a great clueless knife-weilding mugger who becomes the real victim. The audience loved the light-hearted butt-kicking. We followed that up with a bit of a joke to transition into the next fight. It's a silly joke, but the audience got a kick out of it. Allen and I then did a modified version of hte staff fight we choreographed for 2000's show, this time even faster and more frenetic, with a different finish. Please ignore the fact that Allen magically transforms from incompetent mugger to very competent fighter. :)

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