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Formerly the Shaolin Kung Fu Association at Cornell - SKFAC

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     Below is a partial list of our current members. The first three are our officers. This list serves as a martial arts-related bio for our members, and will also show what styles a potential member will be exposed to. If you're a CMAAC member, or will soon be joining, we would appreciate it if you would please submit a brief MA-related bio to Allen for inclusion on this web site. (email removed, club is defunct)
(For members who have not provided bios, I've put in what information I recall of their training history)

Allen Chen, ###-####, President     home page
Allen started Southern Wu-Shu training in 4th grade and continued on till 7th. Stopping for a year, he then picked up Tae Kwon Do in 8th grade pursued it until today. Along with learning Tae Kwon Do, he joined a Martial Arts academy in 1997 at Flushing, NY, where he began training in Soft Style Long Fist and Praying Mantis styles of Kung Fu--Little Tiger and Seven Hands. In his junior year at high school, he joined the Kung Fu club where he practiced Shaolin Chin Na (Grappling). Allen has won a total of three first place championships, one at Empire State Nationals 1992, and two at US Capitol Classics 1998! Allen began serving as CMAAC president in the Spring 2000 semester.
Gianni Limogiannis, ###-####, Vice President     home page
Gianni joined CMAAC in the Fall 1999 semester. With only a little previous experience, Gianni is a dedicated member who has learned a lot, and is helping to keep the club going by serving as VP since the Spring 2000 semester.
Thuc Phan, ###-####, Treasurer     home page
Thuc spent a year and a half studying Seibukan Karate at Yama-Ji in Rochester, along with Aiki Jujitsu and Judo. His "martial arts idols" include Jet Li, Bruce Lee, and Jackie Chan. He plans persuing his interest in Chinese martial arts at a Gung Fu school in Rochester to complement his training in the Chinese MA Assoc at Cornell. Thuc joined the club in the Fall 1998 semester. With previous experience as a student organization treasurer, Thuc is well prepared to take on CMAAC's treasurer responsibilities beginning in the Spring 2000 semester.

Siraj Abdur Rafi     home page
Siraj has been studying Hung Gar for a number of years. He's been a member of CMAAC since the Fall 1998 semester.
Kamyar Aram     home page
Kamyar had some Taiji experience before joining the club in the Fall 1999 semester.
Chih-Hao Chen ("Chow")     home page
Chow joined the club near the end of the Fall 1999 semester.
Noshir Dalal     home page
Noshir studied Shotokan Karate for a number of years, and has been studying Chuan Fa at Cornell and at the Academy of Chinese-Indonesian Fighting Arts under Erik Harris and Shifu George Reyngoudt since August, 1996. He also learned quite a bit of Hung Gar from Eddie. Noshir joined the club in the Spring 1997 semester.
Mike delRosario     home page
Mike has a number of years of experience with Kali. He joined the club in the Fall 1997 semester (?).
Dan Gallucci     home page
Dan has studied Shaolin Kempo for a number of years, and holds the rank of second degree black belt. He's been a member of the club since the Fall 1999 semester.
Eugene Hsue     home page
Eugene joined the club in the Fall 1999 semester. (?)
Scott Lawrence     home page
Scott had some Qigong training before joining the club in the Spring 1999 semester. (?)
Shu Chin Ma     home page
Shu Chin had some experience with Taekwondo (?) before joining the club in the Fall 1999 semester.
Kristy Oliver ("Beto")     home page
Beto joined CMAAC in the Fall 1999 semester.
Rachel Szego     home page
Rachel's early training consisted of a number of women's self-defense workshops and courses, most notably Defending Ourselves in San Francisco. She began formal martial arts study in Dan Zan Ryu Jujitsu and Aikido under Mike Esmailzedeh Sensei at Suigetsukan Dojo in Oakland, CA, where she trained for a year. During this time, Rachel was also an attacker and co-facilitator for The Girl Army Women's Self-Defense Collective. For more information on a current project related to women's self-defense that Rachel is working on, see Breaking The Silence. Since moving to Ithaca in August 1997, she has continued studying Aikido under Yukiko Katagiri Sensei and Larry Bieri Sensei. She also studied Wing Chun with Ilya Kravchenko from October 1997 until he left in 1999. She joined CMAAC in Fall 1998.
Jake Tuckfelt     home page
Jake had some experience with Tae Kwon Do and Moo Duk Kwon before joinging the club in the Spring, 1999 semester.
Michael Wu     home page
Mike trained in Thai Kickboxing for two semesters with Kevin Seaman during his Freshman year at Cornell. He's always been a big fan of Jet Li as both a movie star and a martial artist, so he became interested in Chinese martial arts, and joined the club in the Fall 1999 semester.

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