Pumpkin Carving Party 2004

Our 2004 pumpkin carving party was quite a success, but sadly, my camera died! I managed to fix it after everyone and their pumpkins left, so I didn't get pictures of anyone's pumpkins except Cheryl's and mine. But here they are, along with some pictures from a Halloween party we went to - the invitation said "costumes optional" for some bizarre reason, so naturally, only a few of us dressed for the occasion. These are fairly low-quality JPEG encodes of the pictures. All of them are cropped and resized to fit into an 800x600 block. If you want any original much-higher-quality JPEG that came off my camera (average around 650KB), I'd be happy to email it to you.

This was our third annual party. You can go back to our Halloween Pictures page to see pumpkins from other years.

Cat pumpkin
The front of Cheryl's pumpkin.
Mice pumpkin
The back of Cheryl's pumpkin - the cat's prey, which should be reflected on the wall behind the pumpkin. It looked cool, but for some reason, I never got a picture of the effect.
Erik's pumpkin - Beware (of monster?)
Sad Clown
Cheryl as a sad clown
Erik as a zombie
Zombie face
Zombie face, close-up (gotta show off that peeling flesh effect, right?)
Wicked Witch of the East
George as the Wicked Witch of the East (before having a house dropped on her)
Super Dee Dee
Dee Dee as.. umm... 70's chick?