Pumpkin Carving Party 2005

Here are the pictures from our 2005 pumpkin carving party. I didn't take the time to take many pictures during the party, and some of the finished pumpkin pictures are a bit blurry because it's hard to take pictures down a hallway with kids running up and down it. :) These are fairly low-quality JPEG encodes of the pictures (click on any thumbnail to see the picture). All of them are cropped and resized to fit into an 800x600 block. If you want any original much-higher-quality JPEG that came off my camera (average around 500KB), I'd be happy to email it to you.

This was our fourth annual party. You can go back to our Halloween Pictures page to see pumpkins from other years.

Ashley playing with pumpkin guts
Ashley decided that the guts of the pumpkin belong in the pumpkin, so she dug it out of the trash and dropped it back into the gutted gourd.
Bat pumpkin
A bat, made by Chris Stevens
Spider pumpkin
A spider, made be Jared Stevens
Ghost pumpkin
A ghost, made by Marissa Stevens
Wolf pumpkin
A wolf with the full moon in the background, by Cheryl
Danielle's Smiley pumpkin
Danielle F's very happy pumpkin
pirate skull pumpkin
Pirate skull, matey! Erik went with the dead-head theme for the third time in four years (stuck in a rut?)
Joan's Smiley pumpkin
Joan's buck-toothed smiley pumpkin
Tim and Danielle's pumpkin
Danielle B. and Tim free-handed another happy pumpkin...
Tim and Danielle's pumpkin
...with a scary message on its side (this was actually carved into both sides)