Pumpkin Carving Party 2006

Here are the pictures from our 2006 pumpkin carving party. I missed some peoples' pumpkins (including Pete's Killer Rabbit), but most of them are here, along with a couple people-pics. These are fairly low-quality JPEG encodes of the pictures (click on any thumbnail to see the picture). All of them are cropped and resized to fit into an 800x600 block. If you want any original much-higher-quality JPEG that came off my camera (average around 500KB), I'd be happy to email it to you.

As usual, in the week and a half between the party and when I started sorting through the pictures, I forgot who did most of the pumpkins! Please help identify your pumpkin. Also, if I mislabeled anyone or misspelled anyone's name, let me know, and I'll fix it. Finally, if you have any good shots of the party from your own camera, I'll include them if you send them to me.

This was our fifth annual party. You can go back to our Halloween Pictures page to see pumpkins from other years.

Pete carving, Layla watching
Layla (Leila?) watching Pete as he gets started on some serious carving
Chris with his pumpkin
Chris (Stevens), with his pumpkin carved and sticker-coated
Dave and his pumpkin
Dave Z, dressed to match the pumpkin he's preparing to carve up
Howling Wolf
Jason and Ericka's howling wolf pumpkin (pretty sure - first to be photographed)
The Diva
The diva's silhouette
Howling wolf number two
Dave's (I'm pretty sure) howling wolf pumpkin
Witches' brew
Zara's pumpkin, Witches' Brew - not to be confused with the similarly titled Miles Davis album
Trick or Treat
Trick or Treater (first of two photographed)
Toothy Grin
Great toothy grin, sculpted by Brian and Lael, reminding me of the Scarecrow from the Batman cartoons.
Londa, hard at work
Linda, hard at work on her grand masterpiece
Phil's fancy moustache
Phil sporting his new moustache
Joan and Ashley
Joan, sporting a moustache of her own, helping Ashley with her 'stache
Ashley and pumpkin
Ashley kindly decorated Cheryl's pumpkin, and then posed next to it
Linda's haunted house
The haunted house that Linda and Erik carved (Erik contributed immensely by shaving a chunk off of the lid!)
A spooky mansion
A stately (or spooky) mansion pumpkin
Cheryl's big-nosed smiley pumpkin
Cheryl's happy pumpkin's nose puts Pete Townshend's to shame.
Chris Colombo's pumpkin
Chris Colombo's trick-or-treat masterpiece
The Colombo men
Chris and his son Dominic(k?) playing with a shovel