Punk'in for Halloween 2003

Here are photos of the costumes Cheryl and I put together for a Halloween party we went to. For those who know us pretty well, the punk and goth thing were pretty surprising. For everyone on Halloween and for days after, the shaved head thing was very surprising. These are fairly low-quality JPEG encodes of the pictures. If you want the original much-higher-quality version of anu picture (1600x1200 resolution), I'd be happy to email it to you.

Erik with Hair
Erik with Hair

October 30, after I finished making my T-shirt and jeans
Goth Cheryl
Goth Chick Cheryl

Sraightened hair, black makeup. The white face paint didn't work out. :(
Punk Erik - Front
Erik, front

My attempt at looking badass. Hey, stop laughing!
Punk Erik - Angle
Erik, angle

Ripped up jeans and shirt, pants giving little Trick-Or-Treater kids the finger.
Punk Erik - Back
Erik, back

The question of the night - Kiss my what?
Erik with cats
After-party greeting

Even as freaky as I looked, the cats still missed me while I was gone.
Fauxhawk Erik
Nov 1, Hair Aftermath

I decided not shave it off until after at least one day of work.
Fauxhawk Erik
Nov 1, Hair Aftermath

I wonder what my boss is gonna think of this?
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