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About This Site

This site has been up since the beginning of 1997, and has changed entirely too little since then. I try to keep it somewhat up to date, but I generally fail. For the most part, this site is just up to tell you a bit about who I am. A lot of that also means trying to impart some information on the martial arts I've been involved with, and specifically on the martial arts schools and organizations that I've been associated with.

This site is compliant with HTML 4.01 and CSS. For this and all other web sites that comply with W3C standards, you'll be missing something if your browser does not understand and properly implement those standards. Example browsers include Firefox, SeaMonkey, Opera, or Safari. Internet Explorer 7 is decent, but it still has significant issues with both HTML and CSS. If you're using a browser old enough that it handles standards-compliant pages improperly, I'd suggest upgrading (At least to IE 7 if not something better like Firefox), not just for this site, but for the web in general.

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